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Bathroom Remodeling

It goes without saying that the bathroom is the single most important room in your house.

After all, if your bedroom is messed up, you can sleep on the sofa. If your kitchen is messed up, you can get take out food...

But if your bathroom is messed up - if the tub leaks, toilet guzzles water, lighting is poor, shower on the blink, if it's too hot, too cold, the sink wobbles, medicine cabinet too small, etc., etc., etc.,  then life is a disaster.

In other words, it's simply not possible to live comfortably in a house with an inferior or malfunctioning bathroom.  So what's the solution?

There's basically two schools of thought:

  • Keep making piece-meal, spit & bubble gum solutions and hope things don't fall apart at exactly the wrong time (which of course they will - just ask Murphy)
  • Take the time to finally get serious and call in expert help to do things right.

If you're thinking about option #2 "expert help", you've come to the right place as there's absolutely no bathroom problem you can possibly have that we can't fix, on time and on budget.

As bathroom updates go, here's some of the things we can do for you:

  • Complete tear-down & remodel. This is the best, most comprehensive way to get the exact bathroom you want. With this plan, we completely gut the entire contents of your bathroom - right down the the framing studs. Once we've done this, we look for and repair any wet wood damage or insect damage (carpenter ants and termites are attracted to damp, warm wood). We repair and reinforce all the framing and sub-flooring as needed. While the walls are open, we repair and replace any plumbing and/or wiring which needs updating. Then, after the prep work is done, we systematically install, step by step, all the elements of your bathroom - exactly as you want. And, we're sure it's the way you want it because prior to starting, we sit down with you and carefully explain what will & won't fit correctly in the space you have available. Prior to starting, we draw up plans based on the space available, your budget constraints and the end result you seek. As you might imagine, a complete tear-down will disable your bathroom until the basics of the job are complete, so an alternative bathroom must be available to you - at least for a short time period. If this is a problem, we can schedule our work while you are away for a few days - or on vacation. One important thing to remember is that sometimes, only part of a bathroom is in bad enough shape to need a tear-down. This means that your toilet might still be available during the job, but your shower might not (or vice versa). Please call us about this if you have questions.
  • Shower / Tub, Repair / Replacement. For many people, the most "bang for the buck" in a bathroom remodel is to repair/replace the shower/tub. In many older homes, there are bath fixtures which are so arcane as to be virtually useless - water drips, not enough water flow, too hot, too cold, uses too much water, etc. Also, many showers have loose tiles, bad grout or other problems such as being an unsafe design for older people. If you've worked hard all your life and have saved up some money, there's no sense putting up with a risky shower or breaking your hip slipping in the tub. With any remodel we do, we can factor into the plan ADA compliant grab bars and safety features which make your bathing area easier and safer to use. Suffice it to say, no matter what your bath or shower is like now, we can fix it. We are experts in fiberglass shower systems and we are experts in shower & tub tile repair (typically known as "subway tile").
  • Floor repair / replacement. In many homes, the flooring in the bathroom takes the worst beating of any floor in the house. The water and humidity can really do a job on the sub-floor, the floor itself and the floor covering. If you're suspicious about the condition of your bathroom floor - don't delay - call us 1st chance you get. It might be ugly under there, but the sooner we come take a look, the sooner we can get things fixed up for you.
  • Toilet replacement. As they say in the children's books, everybody needs a working toilet. But what to do if yours doesn't work right? Maybe it wobbles when you sit down? Or you see a hairline crack and expect it to bust open any day? Or maybe, no matter how many times you call the plumber, it just doesn't flush right, it's too noisy, it's too tall, too short, wrong color, wrong style. Or worst of all, maybe it's one of those older toilets which use about 1,000 gallons of water with very flush. But, on the other hand, you might be worrying if you get get a new water saver unit, that it'll be too weak to handle what the kids throw at it. With all that in mind, it might seem funny that we should call ourselves toilet replacement experts, but that's exactly what we are. If your toilet stinks (literally or figuratively) we can replace it right away with a new one which you'll like better. It's that easy - just call us.
  • Vanity / Sink / Countertop Replacement. Sometimes, the only thing a bathroom needs is a new vanity or sink and a fresh coat of paint. If your budget is limited, or if you just want to make some minor bathroom updates, we still want to hear from you. Over the years, we've found that the best way to find customers who want the big jobs, is to go out and meet the customers who want the small jobs. And that's because we feel every customer is important. Your bathroom, your house and your life are important to us. If you want our help, even for a small job, we're happy to drive over and see what we can do. And someday, when you're rolling in the dough and you want us to rebuild your entire house from top to bottom - we'll be happy to do that too. But in the meantime, please don't be embarrassed and please don't be shy - if you have questions and you'd like to talk to a bathroom expert, we can fix any bathroom problem you have, so please call us at your earliest convenience.

In addition the the above mentioned items, we are also experts in bathroom ventilations systems and Corian shower systems. And, if there's something you've seen in a magazine, on the Internet or at a friend's house, even if you are unsure what it's called, we can usually figure it out fast.

And for all tile situations, we work closely with several top quality local tile vendors. When we do new or replacement tile work for you, you get a full selection of high quality tiles to choose from.

We can remedy virtually any bathroom mold problem. This is usually caused by poor ventilation. We can install any fans or duct work needed to mitigate and eliminate the problem of excess moisture.

No matter what you need or want for bathroom repairs or remodeling, we can handle it.





R & K Home Improvement Co. - 133 King Philip Rd Worcester, MA 01606 (508) 853-8985

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