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In the years we've been in business, there's been many an occasion where a customer comes to us seeking the best "bang for the buck" - looking for the least expensive way to make the biggest improvement in their home.

And, as you might imagine, since we do so many kitchen and bath remodeling jobs, sometimes people automatically assume that remodeling the kitchen or re-doing the bath is always going to be our 1st recommendation. Well, to some degree this is true - we are somewhat biased towards kitchen and baths, but this is only because those are the most popular home upgrades which people ask for.

On the other hand, we can honestly say that a new rear-deck will probably be the least expensive "big" upgrade you can do for your house.

Some of the advantages of a new rear-deck include:

  • On a comparison basis, a deck gives you the most space for the money.
  • More often than not, there are less space limitations on the deck design, so there's more room to do things in a fully customized way
  • A properly built deck requires very little maintenance
  • A well built deck is an excellent place to relax in the Summer months
  • When we build your deck, we can put your barbeque or grill exactly where you want it.
  • Decks are typically much easier & faster to build than other home upgrades - there's less waiting until you can enjoy the fun.
  • We used advanced fastener systems - we keep ugly assembly items out of view
  • We can build decks using a wide variety of lumber types: Pressure Treated, Redwood, Teak - even exotics such as Ironwood and Zebrawood.
  • We also offer the newer engineered materials - both for longevity and to protect the woodlands
  • We use only top quality material and we build our decks to last.
  • All decks we build have a secure, solid foundation installed by us.
  • We design our decks with your convenience in mind - we sit with you & plan the exact deck you want - before construction starts.

If you want some additional outdoor living space and are thinking about a deck, please call and ask for a consultation - we're happy to come over and see what your yard space will best allow.


In addition to decks, we also design and build porches, porticos, breezeways and entranceways. In fact, one of our specialties is to custom match existing porches and stairs which need to be rebuilt.

If you have a classic New England home, one of the many beautiful Colonials or other style homes you'll typically see in the Worcester MA area, we can exactly duplicate and replace any part of your home that's damaged or worn out - indoors or out.

In the Worcester area, many times you'll see a beautiful older home which has a sagging porch or stairs. Other times, storm damage wreaks some of the classic woodwork on an older home. And other times, outdoor stairs get infested by carpenter ants or termites and need replacement,

In any situation, whether you want new construction with a modern design or classic style restoration, we can plan and implement the exact solution you're looking for. It's not an exaggeration - we can fix, repair, replace or install any porch of any kind - we've been doing it for many years.

  • Entranceways
  • Breezeways
  • Porches
  • Porticos
  • Gazeboes
  • Screen porches
  • All season porches
  • 3-Season porches
  • Sun rooms
  • Handicap ramps
  • New designs
  • Classic restorations


In some situations, where a rear-deck isn't the right solution, we'll recommend a patio and we have many years of experience installing them - poured cement, concrete blocks, paving bricks or stone.

Walkways & Outdoor Lighting

In addition to decks, porches and patios, we can also install any new walkways you'll need to access what we build for you. With or without lighting (at your choice), we'll design and build a solution that's tailor fit to your home.

You want it, we build it

For each and every outdoor build we do, we have a complete team to handle everything from start to finish. We do it all, from excavation and foundations, to the complete build - and we can finish the job with your choice of landscaping elements.

When you hire R&K to build in your yard, the only thing you have to do is make the phone call - we do everything else - from start to finish, we make your home look beautiful.





R & K Home Improvement Co. - 133 King Philip Rd Worcester, MA 01606 (508) 853-8985

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