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Whole House Restoration

Of everything we do, only a whole house restoration stands completely alone as a totally unique process - different even than adding an addition or building a house.

For example, when you add an addition or when you do over kitchen, both are good size jobs and when complete, the home is measurably improved.

Likewise, when you build new from scratch, you're sure to get the results you want - because having started with a clean slate, you can do everything exactly the way you want.

But whole house restoration is a unique process in that it's so thoroughly involved, but the parameters are far more constrained than new construction.

In other words, restoring an older house to excellent new condition is sort of like solving a Rubik's Cube while at the same time performing a military operation. You need manpower, materials and a winning plan, but you also have to make the best of the situation on the ground.

And if restoring a whole is sort of like fighting a battle - in that you can't just march in and get started willy-nilly, then it's also like a puzzle, in that not only must the efforts work with the available resources, but you must put things together in the right manner.

While some contractors might jump in with both feet and start hacking & slashing wildly trying to win the restoration battle, we feel it's better to survey and study carefully up front, so that all the important steps are done in order, the right way, at the right time.

If rebuilding your home is battle, it's not enough to just throw manpower and money at the problem - you need a winning team.

Please take a look at the transformation of the house in the photos below. This is a fine older home we restored in the Worcester MA area which needed a lot of updating to bring it forward to top notch condition.

This is the kind of project we can do for you.

If you hire the R&K Home Improvement Co., we won't just charge in like crazy men, busting up your home and upsetting your life.

Instead, we'll come see you face to face and help you capture the ideas you have, so as to put a viable plan together - a plan which we are confident will get you the results you want.

Good results start with a good plan - call us when you're ready to talk and we'll help you get started.





R & K Home Improvement Co. - 133 King Philip Rd Worcester, MA 01606 (508) 853-8985

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