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Kitchen Remodeling

If you want a kitchen you can be proud of, a kitchen that makes it easy to cook, easy to clean and easy to organize, the best place to start is with a professional kitchen remodeling team.

At R&K Home Improvement Company, we have been making homes nice for over 30 years.

When we remodel your kitchen, we handle the entire job - from start to finish, including design work.

We plan the entire job - design, construction, plumbing, electrical, appliance locations, light fixtures, flooring, windows, painting, trim, traffic patterns, sitting areas - we do it all.

And, because we know that financial constraints are a real consideration, we can offer you several levels of kitchen remodeling services:

  • Countertop replacement. This can include composite or stone countertops (we work closely with top-quality local stone suppliers). And at your choice, we can keep your current sink or install a replacement one in a similar or different style.
  • Cabinet replacement. When we replace cabinets, most often we will custom build new ones for you. Typically, we use top quality woods such as Cherry, Oak or Maple, but we also have access to many exotic woods and can also less expensive woods such as Pine or Birch. No matter what custom cabinet you have in mind, because we have our own fabrication shop, we can get you the exact result you are looking for. Additionally, for every cabinet we build, we use only the very best quality hardware. And as an alternative to custom cabinets, we can also help you with the selection, purchase and installation of pre-built cabinet as this can sometimes be a money-saver. However, we offer such an excellent value on custom cabinets that you'll likely be very surprised at how affordable it can be to have the very best. Please call us for details.
  • Partial tear-down & remodel/rebuild. Sometimes, the best approach to improving a kitchen is to tear out old items and start fresh, but not everyone wants to completely gut their kitchen as they are still living in the house and they need the kitchen on a daily basis. In such situations, we can do a partial tear-down, whereby we choose carefully what to remove and when to remove it so as to avoid impeding your access to your kitchen as a daily resource. If you are unsure or concerned about how a remodeling project might affect your daily like, please call us 1st. We are happy to explain how we do things so as to put your mind at ease.
  • Full kitchen tear-down & remodel. Typically, a full tear-down means that the entire kitchen is gutted and everything right down to the wall studs is removed. Other than building an addition on your house, a complete kitchen tear-down affords you the best opportunity to re-invent your kitchen exactly the way you want it to be. Because we are experienced designers & builders, it's not essential that you know exactly what you want (but it's ok with us if you do). As part of the rebuild process, we sit with you and capture your ideas and concerns on paper - incorporating your goals in our plan. With our many years of experience in both old houses & new, we stand 100% ready to deliver the kitchen you want, on time and on budget.
  • Kitchen expansion. A kitchen expansion is the king of all new kitchens and for that reason, it's typically the most expensive. On the other hand, if you've been careful with your money and recognize the value of a perfect kitchen, then a home addition might be the way to go. Sometimes, the existing space simply doesn't allow the end-result which the homeowner seeks, so a new addition then becomes the best option. If you're thinking "bigger" but you're unsure if you have enough space, call us for an on-site visit. We can usually "size-up" the available space in just a few minutes - and we're happy to come see you at your convenience.

Not sure of you kitchen budget? As you might imagine, it's possible to spend $10,000, $50,000, $100,000 or more upgrading a kitchen.  But it's also possible to make some very nice improvements for a lot less.

Some of our customers been able to make meaningful improvements to the quality of their kitchen for as little as $2,500.

One of the least expensive, most enjoyable upgrades is "drop-in" replacement with a better quality, better design sink. And, depending on your current counters, upsizing to a larger sink can often be an easy, affordable job.

Got questions about kitchens? Please call us at your convenience - we'd love to hear from you.





R & K Home Improvement Co. - 133 King Philip Rd Worcester, MA 01606 (508) 853-8985

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